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Workout LIVE or On Demand with PUMPING Music & a NEW Class Every time!

Master Instructor

  • Missing your Favorite Instructor & the TOP Workouts you Love?

  • Are you BORED with your Virtual Workouts?

  • Want the Flexibility to Workout LIVE with an instructor & have access to workout ON DEMAND ANYTIME you want?

  • Struggling with staying consistent in your workouts and having "ME TIME?"


Group Fitness Live has collaborated with instructors from across the country to MOTIVATE you with the best new music and a variety of workouts that feel like your working out LIVE in your favorite fitness class!

If you've ever struggled with staying consistent in your workouts, especially when working out at home, Group Fitness Live excels in helping you SHOW UP, SWEAT, and SMILE at the same time.  Our instructors have a unique way of making you feel like you are working out right there with them in the same room.  Their energy and motivation is contagious!

You'll easily discover how simple it is to workout using our LIVE Video app or On Demand Playlists. 

Joining this community means you are joining a movement that helps support your health and fitness goals by tracking your workouts, chatting with other people in your "class", and by getting to know your instructor.

One of the unique differences with our instructors is the variety of workouts offered but also their ability to virtually reach out and empower you to success.



Naho - I used to go exercise classes at the gym and wasn't sure if I will like virtual classes but so glad I joined GFL.

I really enjoy classes and noticed some positive changes in my life and myself. 
What I enjoy/like about GFL. 

1) Amazing instructors - have great communication skills, motivate & inspire me, make workout fun. I always learn something new from them. 
2) Live classes - fun, feel I'm not working out alone. 
3) Different classes to choose & Classes are available to reply - This works perfectly for my lifestyle. I work full-time but still be able to make time for exercise regularly and try different classes. I tried other workout apps or online videos before but had challenges to stay motivated with the same/similar exercises.   
4) Have daily class schedule - helps to create my workout routine

Get to Know your Favorite Instructor!

Danny is currently an American Sign Language Interpreter and Interpreter Educator at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In addition to being an interpreter, Danny spends a lot of his time committed to fitness.
Danny is nationally certified as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer through both the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) & the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Danny first began his fitness journey 60lbs heavier than he currently is when he was exposed to his favorite workout, Turbo Kick®.
Since that time, Danny has become certified in numerous specialized formats including Turbo Kick Live®, Insanity Live®, PiYo Strength™, P90X Live®, Cize Live®, Pound®, Transform Live®, and Hip Hop Hustle™.
You may have even seen Danny on television for the infomercial for the Beachbody Program, TurboFire! Danny was selected to be a cast member for the TurboFire workout DVD's because of his success story.
With his love for Turbo Kick, lifting weights, and teaching group exercise for 10 years, Danny wants to share his success with others in hopes of inspiring other people to find a workout that they enjoy doing and can feel successful.
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Check out a few SAMPLE Workouts from Danny below! 

You can find ALL of Danny's workouts in our LIVESTREAM App and in our On Demand Library on Group Fitness Live.


Louise - I wish more people would take advantage of this great fitness opportunity. One other thing I love about GFL is that it's so flexible and always there when you want or need to exercise with someone. Even with Covid-19 we all live busy lives. I do other exercise besides the classes here. Right now I take one class per week at my gym just because I miss my friends, although I'm super cautious to maintain covid precautions.   I'm 69 years old and survived a double bypass 3 years ago. That's when I started to pay attention to my health and fitness.


Diane -

I like your different classes and the way I access them. Living in Maui HI the time zones are not a problem because I can choose to do a class whenever I want because they are available.

I joined because of Kelley’s barre classes not being able to do them in my local gym. The convenience of classes available is a big plus for me it’s so good just to fall into the shower after and I don’t have to drive home. 


Jeff -

You have the most variety of classes and instructors 

You are available all the time!

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