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Teach Your Fitness Classes Online!

We Do It ALL for you so you can EASILY do what you LOVE!

LIVESTREAM your Virtual Fitness Classes on Group Fitness Live!

  • Use Any Music without Copyright Issues

  • Easily livestream your classes using our App

  • Recordings available in App & on our Website On Demand

  • No Need for a Mixer, Encoder, or High Tech Equipment (optional)

  • Give 7 Day Free Trial 

  • Skip Competing with Every Other Instructor for subscriptions

  • Get Featured on Facebook, Instagram, and You Tube!

  • Teach alongside Elite Instructors, Master Trainers, Video Cast, & Conference Presenters
  • We manage: Customer Service, Payment Processing, Music Licensing, Website, Liability Waivers, Disclaimers, & Insurance
  • Your Own Personalized Promotional Webpage to share a FREE Workout and your schedule - See an example

Claim your spot on our schedule &
start teaching right away!



As a Brand Ambassador, all you need to do is refer your following and contacts to come take your classes & workout with us on Group Fitness Live. Whenever someone signs up for a drop in pass or membership plan, you earn 70% commission of their fee!

This ADDS up! Recurring membership fees pay YOU every month whether they come to class or not.

*GFL reserves a 30% service fee for use of our music licensing, livestream platform, payment processing fees, membership portal, Liability Insurance, website management, & marketing our brand ambassadors on social media. 

Claim your spot on our schedule & start teaching right away!

0JP_2232hires copy.jpg

Pam S. - Brand Ambassador

"THANK YOU!!!! for giving me the chance to teach on your platform.

These things have been a game changer for me. 

Because of my time with you, I now can make more professional videos.

It seems like small potatoes I'm sure to you but it's a game changer for me. I could never figure out how to get music to play as I was recording with my phone- lol.

I think about my experience with you fondly and just wanted to say thanks! Hope you get loads of success!"

Did you know we Promote YOU & help you build your following?



As a BRAND AMBASSADOR, you'll be listed on our website as a Brand Ambassador Instructor, eligible to teach on our live stream platform AND promoted throughout Social Media!

All of your Workouts will be available exclusively on our Livestream App & also on Group Fitness Live On Demand Playlists available for all of our members to workout with you LIVE or on the REPLAY. The workouts NEVER Expire & are always available!

Teach on Group Fitness Live for as long as you want!!! 


  • Complete the Brand Ambassador Sign Up Form - CLICK HERE

  • Group Fitness or Speciality Certification or a collegiate degree and 5+ years teaching experience.


Once you apply & receive your customized & personalized webpage, you'll be able to leverage GFL content on your social media channels to earn commissions.


Post on all your social media accounts with your instructor page and/or distribute to your clients, colleagues, and friends.

You will have the BEST success if you reach out and share with your tribe, your followers, your diehard front row!!!  They will be SO EXCITED to workout with you online but also - have the option to take a TON of other types of classes from the other instructors on Group Fitness Live! 

Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 1.29.40 PM.png

Pssst..... Here at Group Fitness Live - we do MORE than just do it all "FOR" you - we actually teach you how to BUILD your classes, following, and income with social media marketing strategies!
Grow your Brand Online! 

Members Earn Rewards just for Working Out too!

Members at Group Fitness Live log their Workouts in our App which auto tally's for them!
When they complete 50 or more workouts per quarter - they earn a gift!

EN – Try Premium Animations.jpg


You will be using our livestream APP.

As an Ambassador, your mic and sound quality is up to you on how you want to do it.

We can give you the best recommendations for highest sound quality- but you have complete freedom on your setup.

(This is not Zoom.)


You can play ambient sound captured by your mobile device or you can integrate a mixer into a mobile device if you prefer.

It is highly recommended that you use a microphone and external speaker, but it is not required.

Can I use my computer to livestream on GFL?

You CAN, but will require an encoder.  We highly suggest using our livestream app on any mobile device as set up and quality is much higher. Additionally tech problems/sound quality is a lot higher streaming through an encoder.. You can stream to GFL using your computer and an encoder but we will not be able to provide technical assistance in this setup.

What is the recommended equipment for the most optimal livestream virtual class?

We can provide suggestions and recommendations on creating the most optimal virtual livestream, but each instructor is different (class type, space, investments, etc) 

Minimal Equipment Suggestions: 

Tripod / Stand

Mobile Device for Streaming

Music Device/Source (Laptop or Mobile Device)

External Speaker


Optimal Equipment Suggestions: 

Tripod / Stand



Mobile Device for Streaming

Music Device/Source (Laptop or Mobile Device)

External Speaker


How Often do I get Paid?

For any referral using your name on any drop in classes or any recurring payment - you will earn 70% commission paid 30 days post referral purchase or recurring charge.

Do I have to teach LIVE or can I just add my recorded workout videos for On Demand?

This is the greatest part for our Brand Ambassadors. Choose to teach your classes LIVE using our APP OR you can send in a recording of your class to be uploaded for a live time slot and in our On Demand library!

Check out how some of our instructors "double dip"!

Example: Some of our instructors teach virtual classes for their health clubs.  They re-purpose that recording and share with Group Fitness Live. 

What Kind of Class/Workouts Do you Need on Group Fitness Live?

As a brand ambassador, we provide the complete virtual platform for you to stream your classes.  We encourage you to select to teach the classes YOUR followers and tribe want from you.  

Do you have to teach Trademark Workouts?

As a brand ambassador, you can teach whichever style of class you want providing it is credible and you are certified/trained. As a Brand Ambassador, using Group Fitness Live as your teaching platform allows for you to teach the classes YOUR members/followers want.

Is this Beachbody?

No. Group Fitness Live is not owned or associated with Beachbody in any way. Many instructors teach the trademark workouts but GFL is a virtual studio where instructors from across the country collaborate to teach any format or workout, just like a Group Fitness Studio, but virtual. 


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