No Equipment Workouts for You

Most people don't have a ton of exercise equipment available. We want to give you a complete listing of the workouts you can do, at home, with little to no equipment required.

Our fitness library is extensive and because of that, we want to break it down for you into two major categories:

1. No Equipment Workouts

2. Equipment Required Workouts

We'll even go a step further and let you know what "style" of workout it is too!

No Equipment Workouts you can enjoy either LIVE or in our On Demand library include:

Cardio Formats

* Cardio Dance

* Turbo Kick

* Tabata


* Hip Hop Hustle

* Dance Jam

* Zumba

* Cardio H.I.I.T.

Toning and Mind/Body

* Yoga

* Gentle Yoga

* Power Yoga

* Pilates

* PiYo

These workouts you can do with or without equipment:

* Yoga Sculpt

* Barre

* Lower Body Bands

* Legs + Buns + Abs

* Core Sculpt

Equipment Required Classes we'll break down into two categories: (Band or Dumbbell Workouts and Specialty Equipment Workouts) Bands or Dumbbell Workouts


* Cardio & Strength Intervals

* Strength & H.I.I.T. * H.I.I.T.


* Lower Body Bands

* Legs + Buns + Abs

* Total Body Burn

* Total Body Strength

* Core Sculpt

* Dumbbells

* Strength & Stretch


* Yoga Sculpt