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Best Online Live Fitness Classes

When looking for online live exercise classes it can feel overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from. So how do you know which live streaming platform is right for you?

Here are a few things that can help you find the right fit for you to stream online fitness classes from the comfort of your own home.

1) Classes Available: Find live online group fitness classes that are the classes you LOVE to take! Make sure to check the schedule of classes ahead of time and determine there are enough classes that you really love, in the times that you can attend live, if that's your preference. If you prefer to attend On Demand fitness classes, or don't mind catching a replay, then make sure you have many to choose from. The benefit of a LIVE class is it adds a layer of accountability. On Demand classes are recorded previously but you can access at any time. Most online workouts you'll find are On Demand. One major benefit of live classes is that it helps to create a layer of accountability because you'll be committed to a specific day and time to do the workout, at the same time as the instructors and others as well. To view the live stream workout classes we have available on Group Fitness Live check out our schedule of live workouts. We also have a huge variety in our On Demand. You can view an overview of Group Fitness Live's On Demand workouts HERE.

2) Variety: In order to have a balanced workout program, you need all aspects of fitness. You need lots of variety, in the three main areas of physical fitness: Strength, Cardio & Flexibility. While your fitness goals may be very specific right now, we'll give you the general guidelines for a balanced exercise routine. In general, to have a well-rounded fitness routine you'll want to get in about 3-4 days of cardio, 2 days of strength training and, 1 day of flexibility each week. Of course, this can be a challenge to do in a busy schedule so having workouts available that combine a few of these is always helpful. Here are some great examples of workouts that hit more than just one of these categories: PiYo: Cardio, Strength & Flexibility

Strength & H.I.I.T.: Cardio & Strength

Step & Strength: Cardio & Strength

Yoga: Strength & Flexibility

Barre: Cardio, Strength & Flexibility

To view a full listing of our classes available, along with the class descriptions, go HERE

3) Ease of Use:

The best online group fitness classes are the ones you'll actually DO. One major hurdle for many students trying to live stream exercise classes is the technology barrier. Most workouts offered on a social media platform or a conference service (like zoom) will be challenging for the student as well as the instructor. Many live stream workouts have problems with connectivity on platforms such as zoom due the high demand on your internet. You will get the best quality video with a one-way stream so that your experience does not pause or get interrupted. This has been our mission since day one of development with Group Fitness Live: To deliver the BEST class experience to you. This is why our platform is EASY to use, plus you can stream from your Smart TV, laptop, computer or really, any web-enabled device.

Here's a tutorial on our live and on demand platform available to our members.

4) Quality of the Sound, Video & Instructor:

We pride ourselves on our high quality video; due to our high-performing live stream app. Additionally, our sound quality and training of instructors is second to none. We only work with instructors who have been trained how to teach to video. While many instructors can be exceptional in the gym, it's quite another thing to be able to teach a Virtual Fitness Class. Teaching on video is a skill that must be developed overtime. Our Master Instructors and Brand Ambassadors are top-notch and are very familiar with how to deliver the best and highest quality online live workout classes. The other BONUS of having many instructors is that you have many instructors to choose from and you're not stuck with the same formats over and over again.

5) Community:

Anyone can find workouts online, but if you're looking to belong to a community, then you'll want to have the ability to chat with your instructor, enter contests, post in the group and more! Here's an example of how we can communicate with our members before, and even during our classes: WATCH THIS

The absolute best online live exercise classes are waiting for you, right here, at Our mission is to provide the BEST live stream fitness classes - the BEST live stream workout classes and the BEST experience to stream live fitness classes.


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