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What's better when it comes to online fitness classes: Live-Stream or On Demand?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

There are lots of fitness options available online. So much so that it can be confusing and even overwhelming. Where to begin? How can you choose between the live-stream and on-demand options? Which class is even right for your personal circumstances? 

Before joining any type of virtual workout sessions or online bootcamp, think about whether you would prefer the independence of an on-demand session, or the group-feel of a live-streamed fitness class. 

First, let's define the major differences between On Demand and Livestream.

Benefits of On Demand Fitness Classes

"On Demand" is a term that most of us are familiar with - it typically refers to something you can access anytime (like Netflix). On Demand online workouts refer to pre-recorded workouts that you can access at any time. On Demand exercise classes work great for the individual that wants complete flexibility of the schedule. In particular, those who do on demand fitness workouts are self-motivated and are really good at scheduling their own workouts and sticking to them. On-demand classes can work around your schedule. As there is no timetable to stick to, whether it’s 2pm, 2am or whenever you have time to workout, that workout will be there waiting. Pre-recorded on-demand classes are a great way to really test your ability and set your own pace with your home workouts.

Benefits of Livestream Fitness Classes

Livestream refers to a class that is happening in real time. Live streaming fitness classes have a specific air time and individuals can join the instructor that's teaching at that exact time. One of the benefits of attending a live group fitness class is that you know there are others working out with you, at that exact time. For instance, the instructor is doing the workout with you and anyone else that may be attending the live stream online workout with you. Another benefit of virtual live classes is that since it's happening at a specific time it creates an additional layer of accountability. Selecting an online fitness class platform that has virtual live classes is really important for the individual that loves the energy of exercising with others and wants the added exercise accountability of attending a real-time online fitness class.

How to Choose between On Demand and Livestream Workouts At Group Fitness Live, we believe that there isn't one choice that suits everyone. What’s important is you choose what’s right for you. And let’s try figure this out together so you waste no time with trial and error...

1. Consider your daily schedule:

If your days change frequently and you find it a challenge to make a "regular" time for your workouts, then On-Demand workouts will most likely suit your current lifestyle.

Studies have shown that individuals who workout around the same time daily are more likely to stick with their workout program. That being said, if you have a pretty regular schedule and can set your workout time in advance, you may be able to attend live workouts online.

2. Do you miss people:

Isolation and being kept at home is tough. We've been in the fitness industry teaching group fitness classes for decades and we realize the social benefit of those who attend live and in person fitness classes. We know from our LIVE TRIBE, here at Group Fitness Live, how much they adore the unpredictability of taking a live group fitness class online. The occasional pet or child roaming in, or blooper really makes the classes fun for our members. Additionally, knowing that each workout is filmed in real time and there are no cuts, no edits and no "polishing" gives the "reality TV" appeal as well.

So many people really miss that social connection right now and believe it or not, it IS possible to get that community feel from joining an online community of other people working toward a common fitness goal.


Live-streaming fitness classes are a great way to leave the house without actually leaving the house. With live-streams and good web access, you’re not tied down by geographical restrictions any more. You get to interact with people from all over the country who have a common interest in whichever class you're passionate about. And let's face it, when you meet someone who LOVES the same workouts you do like Turbo Kick, Zumba or PiYo, you're quickly "fast friends."

And, as you attend classes more regularly, you really get to connect with the instructor and other members, from the safety of your own home.

3. Do you want Variety?

Some people are fine with doing the exact same workout over and over again. It provides a level of comfort and you can really "master" that particular workout. Great! Then you'll probably lean toward an on demand workout model. If you like fresh, new and different with every workout, then livestream is probably more your cup of tea; however, you can have it both ways.

At Group Fitness Live we offer both livestream and on demand. Our on demand library has about 30 new workouts added every week. It's one thing our LIVE TRIBE raves about - fresh, new workouts every week - even if they have to catch the replay!

4. Do you need help committing:

When you can’t go anywhere or do anything in the outside world, the lethargy that comes with being sedentary can be a huge drain on productivity and motivation. If you’re guilty for constantly rearranging your to do list to push your workout to ‘tomorrow,’ live-streaming classes are probably going to be best for you. Accountability to your workouts is the best way to stick with any fitness goal you have. If there is someone expecting you to show up for a class at a certain time and you don’t, you’re not only letting yourself down, but letting the fitness instructor down too. 

We're all in this together:

Here at GFL we work hard to create that friendly and fun vibe that is super social for our class members. We bring a party to your house, where all can have a good time and sweat, feeling the remote LIVE TRIBE vibe, all in unison!

Benefits of exercising at home:

Working up a sweat and staying healthy while stuck at home can be difficult — but not impossible.

Working out at home not only keeps you fit, but it gives you that much-needed breakout time from the monotony of staying indoors or in closed spaces.

So here are a few reasons why working out while you are home quarantined should be a priority.

Schedule Flexibility

Virtual workouts allow you to follow a sweat session at your own comfort and time. This was not such ease with gyms and studios especially for corporate employees who often work many hours.

Variety of formats

With virtual classes, there is a wide array of different variants for fitness studios and workouts to choose from. From high energy sessions such as Turbo Kick, Zumba, Tabata, Strength Training, cycle and HIIT, to the core strengthening exercises like PiYo, pilates and yoga – there is something for everyone. Viewers can experience an authentic workout with a specialized instructor, at any time of the day they want, in a format that suits them perfectly. With endless choices, you are more likely to find a class that suits your interests. 

Trained Professionals

Frequent exercisers can quickly fall into a fitness rut. Instead of browsing a workout on your own, virtual classes have the most qualified instructors conducting the sessions with appropriate ways to time exercise and follow the right flow. These trainers provide detailed instructions and exercises so that you get the most out of the workout while sitting comfortably at your house. 


These virtual classes will not only help you connect with others but to also connect with your inner self. You might get astonished with what you are able to obtain from the mat in your living room. Spending time improving your physical, mental and emotional well-being will bring about many benefits to your body but also to those around you and will help your relationships as well. When you feel better, you treat others better. It's one of the benefits of taking good care of yourself.  

To find out more about Group Fitness Live and what we have to offer, go to

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