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Family Friendly Workouts

At Group Fitness Live it's important for us to have a wide variety of classes available. Although we are more "known" for our more intense workouts such as Turbo Kick, PiYo, H.I.I.T. and Tabata, we do offer some workouts that are more gentle on the joints and could potentially bring the family together for some fun, too!

Working out with a family member definitely has its perks. While you can really do ANY workout with a partner, there are a few that stand out as "family friendly" workouts, where it's great for all ages to join in the fun.

Zumba Gold is usually geared to the older population, but we have found that the more gentle tempo is also great for beginners or even kids that want to dance, too! Aqua, or water aerobics, is another great workout for the family. Plus, who doesn't want to jump in the pool in those warmer months.

Our goal at Group Fitness Live is to always give you variety and hopefully this will help bring you a bit closer to a family member, too! Here are a few examples of our family-friendly workouts you can do with your parents, kids, spouse or even a neighbor.

Water Aerobics:

Here's a workout focused on Teens:

For a complete listing of classes available check out our SCHEDULE of live classes.

And, of course, remember that we have over 1,000 workouts in our On Demand Library available for members only.

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